Sunday, 25 October 2009

Off The Wall, Art Sydney 2009

So my show as part of Off The Wall at Art Sydney 2009 came to an end yesterday. I met some very interesting people and it was a great experience. I even managed to sell 2 paintings!!! Anyway I won't write too much, so heres the weekend in pictures.....

Off The Wall.

My name pon de wall.

Close-up of T-shirt made by my girlfriend Lily Macclelland.

My Brother Aaron, me and our 2 cousins Rowan and Finnegan.

Detail of Collection.

The collection.

Rowan posing in front of 2 of my paintings.

Me and my little cousin Rowan (a boat).

The boys again.

Close up look.

First sale, painting titled Fist of Fury.

Second sale, painting titled Grandmother's Ruin.

My first two red dots!

2 more paintings.

T-shirt and shoes.

Me giving a short talk about my work on saturday.

Me and Chris O'Doherty aka Reg Mombassa on Sunday.



  1. BITG! Props to yah sam, and congrats on selling some work too!

    Reppin the BS7 too lol!

  2. nice one on the show dude,
    so proud of ya.
    how did the talk about your work go??

  3. I really really like the t-shirt lily made.... way cool!