Monday, 21 September 2009

Australia review and new paintings started!!!

So I have had a little review written about my paintings which are going be in the Off the wall Art Sydney show at the end of October. Here it is...

Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett’s sense of humour is apparent in his work too, with its images of dipsomaniac bananas, buns on legs and what appears to be a lemon enjoying a spliff. The apparent crudeness of the execution is a refreshing reminder of the need for immediacy in art and Barrett’s street wise non-craft style is a deliberate challenge to the more common academic styles of drawing and painting. I was really taken by Barrett’s work - I like its simple immediacy – and it was this quality that stood out among the field of this year’s applicants. Written by Andrew Frost

To check it on the website and see the image which goes along with the review, click HERE

Also here are two pictures of new paintings I have just started at my studio, the images aren't great quality because I took them on my camera phone but you get the idea. They are both as of yet untitled...